Pilates-based exercises change lives. 

 My passion for moving the body is longstanding, from childhood sports organizations to collegiate cheerleading, and now incorporating various fitness classes into my daily lifestyle. I'm a certified Piloxing instructor that loves teaching group classes and taking/trying Pilates-based boutique fitness. 

All women, especially Black women should make time for exercise, prioritize healthy eating and reducing stress in our daily lives. Optimum health is the foundation to represent to the fullest in every area of life. 



WHAT is Piloxing?  

Piloxing fuses boxing, Pilates and a bit of dance choreography for a high-intensity cardio burn that strengthens and tones the body. We burn up to 800 calories a class! Piloxing is

Okay girl, so what are the body benefits?  

When taken consistently, Piloxing benefits can mimic those of high-intensity cardio workout, The classes lean and tone the body as in Pilates, bringing forth muscle tone, flexibility, improved stamina and energy, increased strength and of course, weight loss.  

What do I need for classes?

You should come prepared to sweat! Dress in workout attire that won't become restrictive when wet and allows you to move (activewear). Shoes are optional but socks can cause you to slip - so either trainers/sneakers or a pair of non-stick barre/Pilates socks will work. I offer gloves for sale in-person & online, but they're optional as well. We work against our body weight for the hour of class, so gloves or not - you will get this werk! 

Where can I try a class?

Currently: please check the "Events" page, Facebook Page or Instagram to find out about special Piloxing classes throughout the month!  

Private classes

Want to gather your girls for a sweat session like none other? Is your organization looking for a high-energy, fitness activity? Try Piloxing! Group events and private classes provide a means to share Piloxing in a more intimate setting.  

Special Events & Private Parties

Have an idea for a special event or travel session? Always interested in ways we can collab! 

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