Pilates-based exercises change lives. 

 My passion for fitness and moving the body is longstanding and has become apart of my lifestyle as an adult.

All women, especially Black women should make time for exercise, prioritize healthy eating and reducing stress in our lives as good health is the foundation .

I'm a certified Piloxing instructor and bonafied fitness enthusiast that loves to teach, connect and learn in this burgeoning wellness space.  instructor and enthusiast teaching and connecting with  I love to share my passion for fitness, ballet and pilates-based exercising and encouraging more women of color to give it a try! 

When not leading a Piloxing class, I  supporting a new workout in the city!  

Pease check the Events calendar and follow my Social Media feeds to learn about the latest fitness and wellness happenings.


What is Piloxing?   

What will I need for class? Okay girl, so what are the body benefits?  

Where can I try a class?

Currently: Wednesday AM @ FXS Body Factory @ 7:00 AM EST

Please check the "Events" page or IG for special classes throughout the month! 

Private classes

Want to gather your girls for a sweat session like none other? Organization looking for a high-energy workout activity? Try Piloxing! Group events and private classes are another way to work more closely while sharing the passion for fitness. I'd LOVE to work with you! Please send me an email.

Special Events & Private Parties

Have an idea for a special event or travel session? Always interested! Please send an email, or complete the form below.

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