Inspiration and lifestyle shares for your overall wellness journey.

Hey y’all, hey! I’m Meagan Dawnavette, a wellness practitioner and Digital Marketing strategist based in ATL.


Improving overall wellness is a journey - these are my lifestyle shares to inspire along the way.

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The Podcast

Exploring lifestyle practices, learning from experts and influencers, and sharing inspiration on the wellness podcast from a Black perspective. #TBWFPodcast

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The Fitness

Learn about the latest FITVENTURE or come to an event in the city! Actionable guides to move and improve your body.

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We take the stress out of financial planning. Proin gravida ex id consectetur lobortis. Aliquam ornare, velit vel faucibus dapibus, augue justo.

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The Black Market Space

I truly enjoy teaching women how to better position their businesses and brands using Digital Marketing strategies. As a professional for over 13 years, I know there are audiences ready for your voice and services. Discover tools & trainings to capitalize on monetization in your business.