Self Care Is Essential - Get Into It.


Busy women (so, all of us) are realizing that me-time isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. And in 2018 we’ll unapologetically clear space on our daily calendars for more unplugged activities, with the understanding that putting your own oxygen mask on first means you’re better equipped to support your family, community, and the world.

Despite what Instagram might have you believe, self-care is less about face-mask selfies than “everyday healthy rituals that help keep your body and mind energized,” says Nikisha Brunson, co-founder of Urban Bush Babes and creator of Folie Apothecary.“Like going to bed at the same time every night and eating wholesome foods.”

And self-care is now increasingly available—as a pursuit (journaling, meditation, knitting) and as a purchase (like the aforementioned face masks and drop-in spa services). In fact, Google says searches for “self-care” are 25 percent higher now than they were at this time last year.

Those who’ve got bathtubs are using them as an antidote to long, plugged-in work hours. Shannon Vaughn, founder of beauty wellness brand Pursoma, says her Digital Detox bath soak sales have tripled over the past three years. “The bath ritual gives your body a break from the constant stimulation of technology, a good sweat, and you sleep really well,” Vaughn says.

Expect to see more conscious conversation and education about the true purpose of self-care and how to make it more accessible.“If it’s been suggested that [self-care] is for rich, white women,” says Brooklyn-based therapist and mindfulness expert Rebecca Kronman, “that’s been a mistake.” Self-care is growing as a healthy concept because these practices are crucial for finding peace of mind and the fortitude to give back in uncertain times—something that everyone needs right now.