The RepresentationCast Series

Building a brand online takes work. Most women are successfully navigating a full-time job or career in addition to building a side-hustle or dream business on the side. Let's not ignore the Black-female owned businesses owners, currently the fastest growing economic force in the U.S. with no signs of slowing (Hey girl, HAY!)

But amidst all the glossy #GirlBoss posts and slick, "He asked my position, I said 'CEO'" quips (gag me already...) there's little to nothing sexy about the grit that goes into building and establishing a reputable brand. 

It takes WORK. No. Seriously, a LOT OF WORK. In this new Crowdcast webinar series, I'm here to help. 


RepresentationCast is a fresh Crowdcast webinar series.


Learn the basics of Digital Marketing to solidify your brand/business and prepare it for monetization in a Series led by yours truly.   

In each $Free.99 webinar, we will cover the foundational points that achieve business growth in a digital space. Learn (or refresh) skills to increase awareness, reach a target audience and build influence within your industry. Topics include:

6 Components of Digital Marketing

Email Growth & Nurturing 101

Content Creation

Valuable Opt-Ins

... and more!

There is no better time to take control of your brand/business.

If you're totally unfamiliar with digital marketing, this series will absolutely cover the basics. If you're already a professional, consider joining to refresh on strategic tips, be social, or just share your knowledge - it takes a village. ;)

This is the time to hold each other accountable, encourage and support one another and our business efforts in building season so we can reap... the best is yet to come!  

The NEXT #Representation Cast: 3.26.18

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If you can't make the live sessions for any reason, no worries. Email registration grants access to the replays.

Have any questions? Suggestions for future topics? Just shoot me an email!

See you in the webinar series: RepresentationCast