Pilates & Piloxing: Foundations For Change

Pilates. Piloxing... Piloxing? Pilates...

The buzz word associated with fitness tossed around since the early 80's. It's usually associated with dancers, specifically ballet dancers, and more specifically white ballet dancers. So, you can imagine why many Black women are culturally unfamiliar with the body benefits let alone incorporate the fitness/an exercise routine of Pilates or Pilates-based workouts. The obvious demographic is just one of several reasons 99 reasons why you should be familiar and practicing this exercise, but ignorance ain't one. Keep reading for the 411 on why Black women should become more familiar with Pilates and Pilates-based exercises. 

Some people are familiar with the "visible" results associated with Pilates, often associated with "Dancer's Body:

  • Washboard Abs
  • Toned Arms
  • Tight, high arse
  • Lean thighs

But girl. Chile. Those benefits are only the beginning.

Your body is leaner and visibly more toned, but it also burns fat at higher levels and boosts your metabolism.  In addition, similar to other forms of exercise, remaining consistent (both in time and proper technique) is of the utmost importance if the full range of health and wellness benefits are to be realized.

The overall effectiveness of Pilates, in terms of health and wellness, are tremendous. When performed correctly, Pilates workouts are an excellent form of exercise for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, toning the muscular frame, improving flexibility, and relieving joint and back pain.

Modern iterations of the exercise include the use of the Reformer, fusion with yoga, dance, and now boxing as featured in Piloxing class offerings.

Every Pilates workout program should incorporate all six of the primary principles associated with the art. Keep in mind that Pilates is more focused on balance and flexibility than other similar forms of relaxing exercise types. It is important to focus on proper breathing at all times throughout the entire Pilates routine. In general, you should exhale as you move into a position and inhale as you leave it.

Basic Pilates is one of the few exercise types that are can be performed on a daily basis, as many of the poses and movements are not overly strenuous so the body can quickly recover. Pilates movements are also known to reduce stress and increase flexibility along with and hence, the body requires little time to recover. In addition, Pilates workouts are also ideal for reducing stress, centering the mind, and relaxing and stretching the soft tissue of the body (i.e. muscles, ligaments, and tendons).

Once you've discovered a love for the workout after trying several classes, strongly consider 

Pilates is ideal after a hectic day. If you choose to design your own Pilates program, it is best to set the time duration of your routine to an interval that will allow you to perform the routine on a daily basis. For example, for many individuals, performing their Pilates routine prior to their morning shower or immediately before you go to bed at night is ideal in that it allows them the ability to calm their mind and either ready themselves for the day or ready themselves for a good nights sleep.

However, it is highly important to remember to perform each of the specific exercises slowly and with a high level of precision. find that they enjoy routinely performing a Pilates routine, you may want to also consider trying some of the various types of Yoga routines and/or meditation as well.

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