Email Capture = First Exchange

In relationships, the initial deal isn't closed until there is the permissible  exchange of contact info. You give the number, and say it's cool to call. Every brand/ business needs an email capture system - it's just as important as giving out your telephone number to a potential suitor. 

In the age of multiple Social Media platforms popping up every other month and an Internet space growing noisier by the day, many still believe that a large following translates to a great brand or business. Not true my friend. Not true at all. Email marketing is actually very, very important  and      

The most important asset in your brand and business development journey will be the email list developed online. LISTEN. 

Here's why: it's not the size of your audience that matters, but if you can establish a trusting relationship with them. 

You CAN capitalize with a small list -it's all about establishing a trusting relationship with your target audience. Coins come once trust is proven. 

Establishing trust happens after valuable content is delivered consistently. Whenever that connection happens, people undoubtably will buy from you. Coins will come, trust. 

Quality over quantity in relationships, business, and brand building. 


So, HOW does one establish an email list to even begin the cycle? 

Here's the MEAT

Managing a growing email list requires the right tools to best automate and organize. Email capture should be a seamless function on your site and eventually across social media platforms. Anyone can get started very quickly... and for the FREE $.99! That's right, girl, no credit card required

As several email capture programs are available within the marketplace, most of the tools are the same. What benefits my needs are the services provided by marketing automation, found in DRIP. 

DRIP is 

Of course, you want to know the DRIP standout features:

1)  Advanced Campaign Features - Craft similar messaging to multiple audiences within the same email template. This saves time and can work to improve efficiency when mastered to better test for improved open rates and conversions. The feature will make it that much easier to A/B or split test, what everyone should aim to do. 



If you're just starting out in business or growing your brand, DRIP will even work with you to create your first content offering via email. That's right... there's help! Contact the team about the "5-email Mini-Course" for new subscribers. Tell them Dawnavette sent you, thanks. ;) 

2) Fresh & Efficient Interface -  the tools within DRIP's interface are very clean and efficient. An immediate difference are the colorful bars allowing users to drag-and-drop to create the email sequence they'd like to use. The interface and dashboard have a familiar feel, it's like creating a workflow on a whiteboard.

3) "People-Centric Lists" - traditional email capture systems struggle to prevent repeat sends to people that sign up for multiple opt-ins, the focus isn't on creating a target audience but communicating a mass message to a large (list) general audience. DRIP is different because it stores one email address and uses a colorful "tag system" to detail the subscriber allowing for targeted communication and improved marketing.

Create tags based on where subscribers found your brand within a funnel to optimize opt-ins, based on pages or social media platforms visits, purchase history, and more -- DRIP integrates with various payment tools and trackers. Knowing that those on your list genuinely want to be there, receiving the exact content that your'e sharing is crucial to building a quality list. No fillers wanted.



Here's a GREAT tutorial on how to get started for the FREE.99!

The first 100 subscribers to your list are FREE (that's right, they don't even need your credit card) thereafter there are rates and plans for every business. 






Questions? Send me an email!