#WEBEREADING Virtual Book Club

Reading is essential, for expanding knowledge, fostering imagination, driving dreams and of course remaining relatively woke.

So I've partnered with two ATL homies, Candace   of CultureCannon and Rob @illmatic_kid 


The revolution won't just consist of memes you know. In the vein of loving a great book and even greater discussions around the content, what started as #MMDD morphed (inconsistently but it did morph, dammit) into the #WEBEREADING virtual book club!


An Atlanta-based virtual book club, we select one book a month to center a discussion or an event. 

So I've partnered with two ATL homies, Candace   of CultureCannon and Rob @illmatic_kid

#WeBeReading is an official event collective, comprised of myself, Candace Banks of TheCultureCanon.com and Robert McCloud of RevolutionTelevised.com. At the core, #WeBeReading is a literary extension to further celebrate black culture, and it is growing into cultural events celebrating our cultural impact in in not only literature but pop culture as well.  

All #WEBEREADING approved, you can add them to the arsenal. We started in 2016 with a few hiccups but are determined to get the ball rolling again in 2017.   

The 2016 Selections:  

Invisible Man, Got The Whole World Watching: A Black Man's Education by author and award-winning writer/editor Mychal Denzel Smith


Tahnehis Coats   


Shonda Rhimes The Year Of Yes 

We had a great event to discuss this book at the top of 2016. We gathered a group of excited individuals at the newly opened Open For Business co-working space and hosted a great discussion around intentional living, goal-setting and being inspired by Shonda's fearlessness. It was easily our best event to date. We're excited to bring more in the New Year...

So what's next for #WEBEREADING? Well, we're going to become more consistent and build on the engagement with our growing followers. Take a look at what I'm Reading Now

If you'd like to join the community simply visit WeBeReading.org, sign up to our email list to be notified of upcoming events as well as the monthly book picks! For more voracious reading and additional titles, follow @WeBeReadingATL on Instagram & Twitter!  

Send us your feedback, and no matter what, never stop reading!

Meagan Dawnavette