She Did That: Chef Jourdan Cha'Tan


On TBWF I had the recent pleasure of interviewing Chef Jourdan Chatan, a professional chef to high end clients (her impressive roster includes some of your favorite celebrities)

In this interview, my girl opens up about serious trauma that impacted her emotional growth, following her culinary passions towards a greater purpose and ways she’s incorporating daily wellness practices to improve her lifestyle.

This awesome kiki was recorded at the Chef’s beautiful home where cooked me a delicious meal (VEGAN?!!) and prepared the most delectable drinks!!

2019-08-14 14.07.18.jpeg

Jourdan filmed the preparation of her dishes for her YouTube channel too - watch and subscribe!

You Tube:

For more with Chef Jourdan, visit her all-new website:

Follow her dope Instagram Account: @TheJourdanChat