Know Your Audience: Building A Detailed Avatar

When your message is general, it can, and will, get lost in the endless noise of the internet. The loud rush of life. A detailed customer/audience avatar is essential when building a business and crafting a brand message to reach exactly who will benefit from your service and value the most.  Marketing guru Amy Porterfield calls it the “Ideal Customer Avatar” or ICA and everyone would agree that an Avatar is essential in building a valuable and profitable business. 

The direction that is often unfollowed by most is to niche down and focus on LISTENING to the ideal audience/customer. Listen as opposed to talking directly to them or “at” them to gain a clear understanding of their pain points, desires, interests, and best ways you can truly provide a valuable offering. 

When these points are clear, you can best craft all of your messaging and ensure that it’s on target with the audience for you. You can then develop a more intimate and valuable relationship with your audience and that’s the groundwork to do a myriad of other things like sell, create new products, market research is a great thing! 

In these times with free marketing tools like social media (oh yes, all of these platforms most peruse for entertainment are indeed marketing tools - complete with built-in analytics)

Marie Forleo famously asks, “WHAT keeps your client/customer up at night?” This is a great place to start the market research for your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA). Do NOT move forward with an idea without first validating an ICA.

Ways to validate:

  • Create customer/audience surveys (note: you may have to create SEVERAL surveys, don’t be discouraged)

  • Directly call and speak to your ideal customer/audience member. Ask them the questions about their issues and record, if possible, their replies so that you can refer to them later. 

  • Scour the interwebs for audience pain points, interests and 

Don’t be discouraged if your avatar may start out looking similar to someone else… you will continue to tweak until it’s unique and always remember that no one can deliver a message, teach a skillset or sell a product like YOU. Focus on what YOU can uniquely provide to the customer/audience and drill down on what they’re interested in. The cracks will 

Also, don’t be discouraged if for every project or burgeoning business a NEW ICA is required. In fact… that’s great marketing! 

People are not a monolith and by getting more detailed with every iteration you’re improving the chances to be of better service/ provide more value! The more specific about your “ideal buyer persona” the more successful you’ll be in finding your people and booking the right clients. 

Here are 8 Actionable Steps To Find Your IBA

  • Conduct Interviews with existing audience - even if you’ve got 10 “followers” or 2 clients, use the smaller audience to gain real insight! It’s that much harder when you grow… use Social Media to present “polls” or “question stickers” often and if you have their phone number, don’t be scared to hop on the phone! Old school, I know. 

  • Use Facebook/Instagram Audience Insights - Take a look at the analytics to learn who is following your page and when they tend to engage with your posts. There’s lots to learn there.

  • Use Google Analytics to gain insight on the highest converting audiences. You can detail the filters down to the segment of people who choose the opt-in on a page or converted to a sale. 

  • Stalk LinkedIn and Facebook Groups - Contribute. Post. Share. Comment. It’s a great way to meet fresh audiences with like-minds. 

  • Market Research - Good ole’ Google can help with random stats to fill-in-the-blanks that explain buying and economic power. 

Use the persona every time you create a new piece of content, webinar, or offer.