Alcohol Detox

Taking a "detox" from alcohol sounds extra ambitious, daunting, and borderline ridiculous - especially if you're into sipping spirits, like eye am.

A sidebar of transparency, I never met a Happy Hour or glass of Rosé I didn't like. Eva.

So when I first announced a #DryMarch challenge on IG Stories... my DM's, understandably, were peppered with skepticism.

Hear me out tho... I tried #DryJanuary at the top of 2019 and didn't die (I did break the fast 3 days earlier than planned when a car vandalism in Gentrified Grant Park prompted me to order 4 house Margaritas, but focus on the initial discipline exerted) so I was more than confident I could tackle a full month of no alcohol.

And now, back at it again… for September 2019. That’s right, Issa #SoberSeptember

What prompted this kickoff? A few things...

  • I drank a lot during the first two weeks of February. From Super Bowl Weekend right up through celebrating "Mardi Gras" with a Bar Crawl resulting in a 24hour hangover.

  • A holistic reading of my fecal matter, skin and detox of the feet revealed that I have real issues with my liver. I was told that cutting back can destress my liver and alcohol can irritate it. Seriously, it may be a reason I'm easily irritable all the time - it's not me, it's my liver. I'll report back.

  • March typically finds religious people practicing some sort of sacrifice throughout the month leading up to Easter/April. Why not join the wave of people "giving up" something right before Festival season kicks off in Atlanta? You know we keep the outdoor parties going all the way through November.

  • There are numerous health and emotional benefits to detoxing from alcohol that can improve overall wellness. While you don't have to pick a month in particular or go any longer than a few days, an alcohol dextox can only improve your health.

Below are 10 reasons to Alcohol Detox

  1. Improved Hydration"For every six glasses of wine, the body can loose up to 19-24 glasses of water intake" ever wonder why your skin looks washed and you're a virtual desert the day after? It's the likka. Alcohol dehydrates so during the "dry" period, supplement with more water intake and watch your energy, skin, and overall physical performance improve! TIP: to mimic a sexy glass of vino or Champs, try drinking sparkling water -fruit & mint garnish optional- in a wine glass. You're welcome.

  2. Improved Sleep Patterns-After a night of drinking, we typically fall strait into a deep sleep, but it's not the most restorative rest. The body misses out on cycles of Rapid Eye Movement (REM), and we're supposed to aim for 6-7 during a sleep period. Everyone needs rest, it's how the body regenerates. Less alcohol can ultimately lead to improved sleep, which then boosts energy, mind clarity, controlled emotions and even better management of hunger/food intake. It's a win.

  3. Weight Loss/ Fewer Empty Calories- Have you ever checked how many empty calories are in your favorite mixed drink? Or beer? I fall in the second category - beer was bae. So much sugar and fillers are found in the most popular of cocktails so pausing for a while will probably spark some physical changes too. Don't be surprised if you drop a few pounds and If you want to save some calories and sneak some nutrients... stick to red wines, champagne, and tequila. More about those 3 winners in another post. ;)

  4. Reduction of Acid Reflux - Alcohol is an irritant to the stomach (friends that have had a few hurl moments overstated this. You gotta "coat the stomach" for a night of drinking or the results can be disastrous). The stomach will start to settle allowing more stable acidic production and no more acid burn. Whelp.

  5. Reduced Blood Pressure- Abstaining from alcohol for 3-4 weeks has proven to reduce blood pressure. That's great news for those who have an affinity for alcohol but are imprisoned by BP medication. Skip the drinks for a month for improved vision and less risk of heart attack or stroke.

  6. More Money- Well, if you're not buying drinks for yourself or others... you're going to have that money staring blissfully back at you in the banking app. Budget boosts?! Nuff' said. At the end of the "Dry" period... treat yo' self or $ave. You deserve.

How did I do with the #DryMarch challenge? I lasted from February through March without a drop of alcohol, with the exception of Wednesday March.

I went to a work Happy Hour followed by a date where I fell victim to Rosé and tequila shots.


I would absolutely do a month long detox again, and even sooner will try infusing abstaining from alcohol more often than not a part of my lifestyle.

Have you taken an alcohol detox? Thinking of trying it out in the future?

Let me know!

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