DRYFT Therapy At The Visionary Center For Wellness

Do you know what it's like to DRYFT? 

To float away in a cocoon-like state for an hour, leaving the daily troubles of the world on "pause" while your body floats, weightless? LISTEN. 

Imagine a feeling is so soothing... you may fall asleep like I did. A lot of people do actually, because the feeling is so rare (I mean outside of the womb or daring ocean view vacations, when do you get to float?!) the body is quickly placed in a relaxed state.


The city of Atlanta is growing and expanding with fresh developments daily, and as a resident ATLien feel it's my duty to share the latest in wellness treatments, offerings and centers that are committed to help you live your best life. 

Don't sleep... the wellness boom is alive and well in ATL. 

I had the honor of trying out four new-ishbusinesses in the city that offer lesser known wellness practices guaranteed to relax, detox, improve and reset the body. 

The four businesses, The Visionary Healing Center for Wellness, InTown Salt Room, Heal Thyself Atlanta and Tend Yoga & Wellness have collaborated to offer curated wellness experiences/offerings just for new and interested people (cue ya girl). 

At the recommendation of MADAbolic Atlanta manager Abby (thank you!) I eagerly jumped at the chance to try and share the experience with #TBWF

Each site visit is detailed on the blog, but be sure to subscribe to the TBWF podcast for the mashup episode with insight on all four Wellness spots. 

First up, was the Visionary Healing Center for Wellness run by David and Lisa Jones.

Wellness Offerings:

  • Acupuncture

  • Reiki

  • DRYFT Flotation Therapy

  • Nutrition Consultation & Education

Treatments I Experienced: 

  • Generous Consultation

  • Reiki Session

  • 1 DRYFT session (flotation therapy)

Located in 


First, I overstand flotation therapy may not be for everyone. 

The initial concept and frankly, the tank can be VERY off-putting to most. 

I mean, you insert the body into an inclosed tank of water and then float for relaxation? DIFFERENT.org 

However... I dropped all anxiety at the door and was determined to try the treatment without inhibitions. LISTEN. 


I arrived early as asked to get an understanding of the treatment and was pleasantly surprised by the amazing, clean, and cozy energy that filled the facility.

 I was greeted with fresh herbal tea to further put me in a relaxed state. 

Owned by husband and wife duo Lisa and David, they both chatted with me for a while - their vibes were so high - about holistic wellness, their passion for their practice and extensive knowledge about different treatments (even nutrition). Migrants to Atlanta from NYC (they love it in the A), they are more than delighted to share the benefits of Reiki, flotation, holistic treatments and eating well for optimal living. 

When David offered to give me a quick Reiki treatment, my anxiety low-key kicked in because I'd never experienced a treatment like that before - and I HATE needles (well, tattoos are my only exception because who doesn't love fresh ink?!). David totally put me at ease. We actually went a bit over time talking at length before he began the treatment.  

He first assessed what areas of my life could potentially be causing my anxiety (ex. What are your sleeping patterns? Alcohol/smoking consumption? Diet looks like...? Childhood trauma? etc.) 

He then gently puts pressure on different parts of the body from the scalp and ear, down to the toes. Then, he presents the acupuncture needles, three different sizes, of which I selected the tiniest option. You know this, I was doing great at not getting up when he pulled them out. 

David then began to insert the needles. Painlessly. 

 inserted needle-like tools to points all over my body to open up my chi. 

David and I talked for almost an hour about everything from diet and menstruation to  men to childhood traumas, and then he shifted my energy. Wow. If this is just the intro session... I will surely be back to the table. 

When I tell you I felt so relaxed and light... Lisa had to knock on the door to share that the tank was ready! I definitely plan to return for another session. 

So then...it was time to float.  

Lisa begins the session by explaining the benefits of DRYFT therapy: 

  • stress relief

  • fights against addiction

  • injury recovery

  • elimination of chronic pain

  • meditation

You're asked to shower and enter the tank naked-boots. Not a problem for ya girl. ;) You also can close the tank on your own once the session begins. There's an option for music, dim lighting and of course, ear plugs - you don't want the dreaded pop effect.    I sucked it up, buttercup and entered the tank - only  feet of water completely diluted with salt. There's enough room to push yourself around a few inches and after you chill and close your eyes... the most relaxing 45 min. begins. Shawty, I was in such a calm state moving my body around (waving my arms, legs and toes for about 7 min.) just enjoying feeling weightless... that I feel. Asleep. Did you read that?! It was amazing.    When my time was up, there were these beautiful yet loud chimes to alert the end of the session. You lift the tank, totally covered in salt (like going to a beach but a bit saltier) and take another shower.    Lisa then greets you at the door and prepares fresh tea according to your wellness concerns or preferences - she's all knowing - and offers fresh fruit and water. You can then sit for a few minutes where she's kindly willing to discuss more treatments and ways you can improve your overall holistic health.    My experience was amazing and I HIGHLY reccomend a visit to try the treatments for yourself. I'd like to go back at least once a quarter, they have great membership packages, drop-in rates and even take some insurance*.    So, book a session ASAP - please tell them that I sent you! ;)    *Double check on the insurance push, at the time it was coming - unsure if applicable for everyone's provider.